30/06/23 Product Update

July 27, 2023

Freshly Ground Features

Hey there! We've got our noses to the grindstone and have been churning out some game-changing updates to improve your experience. Our goal? To help you crush those sales targets!

Rewrite in action

🎉 Headlining Features:

🕸️Our New Website

We’ve spent a bit of time updating our new website (we think it looks pretty slick) - check it out here:


🖊️ Rewrite with Style

We've supercharged our 'rewrite' feature. Now you can fine-tune sections of the message you're not entirely thrilled with, providing instructions to get the ideal phrasing. It's all about putting you in the driver's seat of the language!

Keep an eye out for a fresh blog post detailing this feature. In the meantime, dive in and start rewriting those messages for that extra personal touch!

🔄 Regeneration Reimagined

We've pumped some serious AI power into the 'regeneration' function. Say you don’t like the personalization used - highlight the culprit sentence, and hit ‘Regenerate'. Watch as CoffeeAI conjures up new content sourced from different information.

💎 Quality Above All

The quality of the generated messages has been dramatically improved! We've fine-tuned our system:

What's more, you'll see a remarkable boost in the consistency of quality, particularly in shorter messages.

💼 SalesLoft Integration

Big news for all SalesLoft users! You can now use our platform directly on SalesLoft. Enjoy our top-tier personalization, no matter which platform you prefer.

🐣 Minor Tweaks (but oh-so-necessary):

We're always making those tiny adjustments that, while small, add up to a smoother, more streamlined experience for you. Keep your eyes peeled for these and more, coming soon!

As always, we're eager to hear your thoughts on these updates. Feel free to leave us feedback directly below the generated message. We thrive on your comments and suggestions!

Happy selling!