26/07/23 Product Update

July 27, 2023

The Latest Brew

Our coding baristas have been busy brewing a rich blend of enhanced features that are sure to invigorate your messaging experience!

🎉 Major Highlights:

🕵️‍♂️ Website Scraping and Analysis: Align Your Messaging

We're taking personalization a notch higher! By analyzing your website, we aim to create messages that resonate deeply with your brand's unique identity. Because of this change, you may need to confirm your LinkedIn URL and Company URL. Please contact us if you run into any issues.

😱 Blueprints 2.0: More Control, More Personalization

With a fresh revamp, our blueprints are now simpler and more versatile, allowing you to configure company, product, service, and problem-specific fields that will reflect in your messages. Ensure to check out these new configurations, and revisit your previous blueprints for necessary updates!

Complete control of your message!

🔀 Apollo and Salesloft: Seamless Integrations

Expanding our integration library, we're excited to include Apollo and Salesloft! Now you can automate your sequences/cadences with CoffeeAI-generated messages, making your communication process more effortless!

🧠 Learning from You: Better AI Predictions

We're advancing our AI, enabling it to learn from your preferences through your use of the regeneration and rewriting tools on our chrome extension. The more you interact, the more fine-tuned your messages become!

🎈 Lite Plan: Flexible Pricing

Addressing your needs, we've launched a Lite plan. For just $9 per month, you gain access to 50 messages. It's the power of CoffeeAI, tailored to your requirements!

🐣 Additional Improvements:

⚡ Bulk Messaging: Enhancing Reliability

In response to your feedback, we're focusing on improving the reliability of bulk messaging. We're currently in talks with Anthropic and OpenAI to increase our rate limits for seamless, extensive campaigns!

🛠️ General Improvements: Smoother Experience

We've ironed out some bugs and polished the system, ensuring an overall smoother, more robust user experience!