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Send targeted emails and LinkedIn messages that are as unique as the person receiving it. At scale.

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2x your response rates 📈

Every aspect of your outbound email - from the pitch and opener to the call-to-action - is personalized.

Our AI uses trillions of bytes of data to create a deep understanding of your prospects to brew up the perfect message.

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Still spending 10 minutes researching a prospect? đŸ„±
CoffeeAI does your research for you - we use tons of different sources of information to create an email that feels unique and thought out.

Let us do the boring stuff so you can focus on building relationships.Or grab a coffee.


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📈 Scale. Infinitely.

Send messages like you have team of copy writers on 3 cups of coffee.
Human, without the cost.

🧬 Fully integrated.

Smooth integrations with your favorite CRMs and email sequencing tools such as Sales Navigator, Salesloft and more.

🧈 Cut through spam.

Bubble to the top of people’s primary inboxes with emails and subject lines that are completely unique.

Brewed to your taste ☕


So much more than ChatGPT đŸ€–


So much data đŸ˜±

Personalizations are all about data - ours is proprietary; and trillions of bytes.

AI using AI 🔁

Get what you want out of a message in seconds. Our AI intelligently prompts AI language models better than any human could - it’s an AI after all.

Sits in your stack đŸ§©

Bulk messaging and deep integrations into your workflow. See how much easier it is to use us.

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