ChatGPT-powered Chrome extension for instant, personalized LinkedIn messages

Cut through the noise. Say goodbye to boring & generic message templates.
Let CoffeeAI do the heavy lifting - no need to spend 10 minutes personalizing each message.

Get started with CoffeeAI in 2 minutes by downloading the Chrome Extension above!


Cut through the noise

What is your intent for this message 🤔

I am an SDR trying to sell a ChatGPT-powered Chrome extension for instant, personalized LinkedIn messages. I am not trying to make a sale on this on this first message but just trying to start a conversation!

Get your intent across

Configure your intention on the fly to change the generated message. Founder looking for product discovery? SDR looking to make a sale? Looking to expand your network? We handle it all.

Instant personalization

Our AI personalizes user information from LinkedIn and other web-sources. No more manual searching - get a perfect personalized message in seconds.

Fully integrated messaging

Customize the length of the message you send. Get recommendations on what works for the person you're sending it to.


Change the tone to suit your needs

Change the tone of the message generated to suit the occasion and person. If you want your messages to be friendly, formal or even grumpy, we got it all!